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Milbank has been a proud family-owned American manufacturer for more than 90 years. They are rooted in innovation and committed to excellence and growth within the industry. Today, Milbank products can be found in every corner of the United States and in 36 countries around the world. With three American manufacturing facilities, 22 regional warehouses and over 4,000 distributors, Milbank is well-equipped to meet customer needs head-on and provide solutions in a rapidly evolving world.

A full line of commercial enclosures including everything from junction boxes to transformer cabinets, telephone cabinets to wireway, and push button enclosures to wiring trough. Milbank’s enclosures are able to provide a degree of protection to personnel against access to hazardous parts, weather (rain, sleet, snow) and will be undamaged by the external formations of ice, falling dirt, windblown dust, etc.




Milbank’s enclosed controls are weather resistant electrical enclosures consisting of a utility pull section with optional meter socket and a customer section containing distribution and control equipment. Other systems leave individual components mounted to a strut where they are vulnerable to the elements and to power theft. Milbank pedestals can be metered or unmetered and Milbank engineers specialize in creating custom designs to meet your needs.


Milbank’s AC Disconnects include a removable hinged cover and is easy-to-install with a 20 Amps GFCI receptacle. To provide safe working conditions, Milbank’s disconnect pullers may be removed and reinstalled while in the OFF position. Padlock provisions are included on the front cover as a duplex ground connector. Like other Milbank products, the enclosure is constructed with G90U galvanized steel and electrostatically finished with a durable, fade-resistant, and a NEMA 3R enclosure.

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