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Eligible Businesses

• Commercial account - 400 kW or less

• One-Stop staff must qualify an account

• Xcel Energy MN service territory

• Rebates are based on project energy savings

What is CEE? The Center of Energy and Environment's mission is to discover and deploy the most effective energy solutions that strengthen the economy and improve the environment. Data-driven and community-engaged, CEE’s staff are passionate to discover and deploy the most effective solutions for a healthy, low-carbon economy through several channels.

Apply for Rebates with CEE


• Free, no-obligation audit

• Detailed recommendations

• Significant rebates

• Technical/sales resource

• Financing

• Completion of all program paperwork


What is the One-Stop Program, do I qualify? CEE's One-Stop Program is sponsored by Xcel Energy and is a special rebate program for qualifying small/medium commercial electric Xcel Energy customers in Minnesota.