a few ideas for you to try

Merchandising is a science and knowing just a few basics can help drive sales and move inventory. Here are a few ideas. ​

Mix it up 

Try moving around a few of your displays every 3 months. 

Product Placement 

People shop top to bottom and left to right.  Place key products in an order of BEST, BETTER and GOOD.  

Milk & Eggs 

Place your highest turning items in the far side of your store. Ask us about creating a merchandising layout for your city desk.


Help your client find what they are looking for, especially if the item they want is sold out. It may be in the warehouse.

System Merchandising

Promote a new concept by including all the products, tools & supplies in one area. Include impulse and new products at eye level.​


Educate and Involve

Better Merchandising

Call ROUZER GROUP to get started.


​Changing habits


Rouzer Group takes a proactive role in merchandising and marketing techniques to create awareness, build brand recognition, and maximize your return on investment.


ROUZER GROUP will take our market knowledge + sales history to help choose products that make sense in your market.

ROUZER GROUP will help you maximize the use of the merchandising tools provided by our manufacturer's to work with your location or we will create a layout + display that fits your needs. 

We will pair the right rollout events when you invest in new products.  If you add a few line items or launching a new line we will coordinate all aspects to improve the performance in your market area.



The right inventory


Maximize your investment