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The Dongan® Electric Instrument Company was established in Albany, New Your, as a New York corporation. Initial products included the manufacture of ammeters and volunteers for the growing automotive business. 

Technology moved to provide other opportunities in the ’30s as well. Coal-fired furnaces began to give way to oil heat. Dongan® responded with a complete line of replacement oil burner ignition transformers. The demand for these products became so substantial that an 8,000 square foot facility was built in 1957 in Pioneer, Ohio to help meet production requirements. The facility was formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary under the name of Pioneer Transformer Company by Charles E. “Bud” Hicks, son of Lyle Hicks.

General-purpose power distribution transformers, industrial control, and other more specialized designs were gradually added to the product line during the ’40s and ’50s. Wartime production included both existing product lines and the Department of Defense-related parts for gun sights. More recent products include reactors, constant voltage transformers, K - Rated transformers, transformer lighting disconnects ad-related products.

Today, Dongan® combines our 95-year history of specialty transformer manufacturing expertise with a complete catalog of stock transformers for the distributor, OEM and MRO markets. We are proud of our heritage and look forward to serving our customer base into the new millennium.

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